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Will my hair look like the first day?

They will never be in the same condition as before the hair loss. Because all the hair taken by the methods of hair transplantation is used to cover a much larger gap. As the area grows, the frequency of the hair in each cm2 is decreasing. The open area would be denser when it is small, and it would be less dense when it is wide.

Is there a health hazard?

There is no side effect or complication of hair transplant which will cause trouble to the patient in the future.

How long is the life of planted hair?

As the harvested hair is taken from the hair between the ears that has a different genetic code (non-loss), it will remain in its new place for A LIFETIME.

Does the transplanted hair require special care or regular check-ups?

No. Since that hair is also your own hair, IT DOES NOT NEED ANY SPECIAL CARE. However you cut, shape, dye, perm and clean your hair to this day, you can continue to do the same.

Does the planted hair grow longer?

After the transplant, the hair grows within three months looking like a beard, after a while, it gains shape and gets the image of a natural normal hair.

Do some cosmetic products make hair grow thicker and faster?

The best thing to expect from a cosmetic product is the feeling that your hair is healthier. Some products seem to slow hair loss, but this is temporary.

After these procedures, will there be swelling on the face?

Yes, there can be a %10-15 swelling, but we have not seen such a complication yet due to the treatments we are performing after the procedure.

Does it look natural? Does it seem obvious that the hair is implanted?

With the development of implanting techniques, transplanted hair seems very natural nowadays. The dark days of hair transplantation, which hair does not look natural at all after using the follicular unit transplantation, are long gone.

Does it require continuous care?

Washing begins on the 2nd day following the operation. A special wash is done after 15 days. After that, the patient can go back to the desired washing pattern. Continuous maintenance is not required after hair transplantation.

Will there be swelling and/or bruising?

Due to the drugs applied on the scalp, some patients may experience swelling for a few days after the procedure. However, with a few simple measures and treatments, this can be inhibited greatly.

Can I go to the gym after the operation?

Within a few days, the patient can start walking. However, heavy sports that can damage the skin on the scalp (football, fitness, heavy lifting) should be avoided for 1-1.5 months.

When can I swim in the sea? When can I dye my hair?

It is not recommended to swim in the sea, pool, hammam and sauna for 1.5 months. Dyes should not be used for 4-5 months.

Is the patient being put to sleep?

No. General anaesthesia is not preferred in hair transplantation. Local anaesthetic drugs, which many people have met at least once in their life (usually during dental operations), keep the area numb for a period of time fort he operation.

Is there any pain during the procedure?

A slight burn is felt when the local anaesthesia is performed. Then the patient does not feel any ache or pain during the operation.

Will the transplanted hair grow back? Is there any guarantee?

After a successful operation by an experienced team, all the transplanted hair starts to grow. The growth of the transplanted hair is no longer an issue for the experienced hair-planting team.

What is the difference between hair density and fullness?

“Density” is the number of hair in the area; e.g. A man between the ages of 30-50 has an average hair density of 250-300 per centimetre square. “Fullness” is an objective measure used to describe the appearance of hair, regardless of the density of the hair. So much so that the hair of a person with less hair density may look fuller than one with more dense hair. Although hair density is the most important factor determining the fulness, other factors such as hair colour, structure and thickness of hair are very important as well.

How often does hair loss occur?

Hair loss is a problem that can be seen both in men and women; but mostly in men. At age 25, 25% of men start to experience hair loss bit by bit. This proportion goes up to 50% among men aged 50 years.

Will stress cause hair loss?

Stress can cause common hair loss in some cases. This type of hair loss, also called telogen effluvium, is different from androgenetic alopecia. If the stress is annihilated, the lost hair will grow back in about a year.

Is local anaesthesia a risky procedure?

Local anaesthesia is extremely risk-free and safe. Except for some side effects that are rarely seen, the dangers of local anaesthesia when practised by an experienced physician is quite a few.

Will there be traces of the operation on the nape and in the planted area?

Since the whole procedure is performed with micro-fine work and our channelling technique does not cause tissue damage, there are no traces in the hundreds of hair transplant examples performed in our clinic.

Is it okay to use laser in hair transplantation?

Laser can be used in hair transplantation. But it does not make much contribution to hair transplantation process and its results.
We can use the cumbersome laser machine to only open canals that we can leave roots in, and in our research, we have seen that the channels opened without laser showed a quick recovery time (5-7 days) while the laser-opened channels completely healed in a longer period (7-1 4 days). And this does not agree with our meticulousness to plant hair without leaving any traces. Laser is not necessary for hair transplantation process.

Does hair transplantation require hospital conditions?

Hair transplantation, a small surgical procedure performed with local anaesthesia, does not require hospital conditions. The fact that hair transplantation takes place in a comfortable and hygienic environment is also important for relieving the patient. For this reason, places with hair transplant center layout, which are equipped with special equipment for hair transplant operations, are suitable.


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