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prp for hairAfter many medical researches, the treatment method which slower excessive hair loss and allows your hair to thicken has finally been achieved. PRP therapy for hair-root cell therapy-offers a new treatment for you, regarding the prolongation, renewal, volume, and health of your hair.

Since stem cells are supplied from the cells of your own body, they are a unique method in hair treatment. The human body, with the help of stem cells, is able to fight against diseases, repairing damage to organs, including skin cells that contain hair follicles.

Stem cells are quite powerful because they can not replicate itself, although they multiply like other cells, accelerating the production of missing cells in the body. Even if the hair cells are dying, thanks to the stem cells new cells can be created. Stem cell not only renews the hairy skin, but it also copies the cells and prolongs their life.

New research on stem cell therapy has revealed that stem cells promise a brilliant future in the hair repair treatments. International published results show that PRP therapy; has proven to have excellent results even with patients who have struggled with hair loss for many years.

Because PRP therapy involves injecting your own blood into your scalp, you aren’t at risk for getting a communicable disease.

Be sure to report all the medications you’re on before the procedure including supplements and herbs.

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