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prp treatmentRecently, the experts in stem cell science have conducted ground-breaking hair growth studies that document the important role stem cells—and stem cell therapy—can play in restoring hair to individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning, through the innovative new process of hair replacement therapy.


Stem Cells are so essential to renewal because they can:

  • Repair damage or degeneration of systems
  • Divide infinitely, providing an unlimited supply of many different cell types within the body.

Stems cells are mainly found within the bone marrow in your body, but they are present throughout the body, travelling throughout the system to the organs and skin to renew the body’s functions. Stem cells are the body’s main defence against damage and cell death.

Stem cells are the only type of cell within the human body that can develop into another type of cell as they divide, making them the most versatile cell known to the human system.

Many of the diseases we’re familiar with are caused by an underlying problem with stem cell regeneration. These, and other conditions caused by a deficiency of stem cells—such hair loss—can be treated using a process called stem cell therapy, which adds beneficial stem cells to the area needing treatment and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself by renewing the area and creating new growth.


Straight on the scalp, this treatment is very important for the hair, because it is rich with vitamins and enzymes and amino acids mixed all together and applied onto the scalp to prevent hair loss and strengthen it. This treatment works on hair loss and helps to strengthen the present hair and revive it. This treatment is mostly used in cases like (Thyroid, Anemia…), therefore PRP is very useful for hair loss.

The use of PRP helps stimulate blood circulation, revive cells and regulate sebaceous gland secretion.


  • Applied to the scalp, weak and damaged hair.
  • Scarring in the face caused by acne, wounds or cracks found as a result of diseases, injuries, accidents or any other cause.
  • Defects in the skin and dead skin cells and factors affecting cells that change skin colour.
  • It is used to rejuvenate skin cells, as with time some cells die and are not renewed.

This process helps to rebuild dead cells. This process rebuilds collagen and increases its production due to increased elasticity.

This treatment is applied 4 – 6 sessions in a year. Of course, the results can be observed after each process, but to see the final results must be applied 6 sessions.

PRP Treatment Procedure

PRP therapy is performed in 2 stages.

  • First, approximately 60-100 cc, of blood is collected from your vein. It’s very similar to having a routine blood test performed at your doctor’s clinic. The blood is collected by a nurse or perfusionist and placed in a special container. The container is then placed in a machine called a centrifuge where your blood is spun for approximately 15 minutes. When the centrifuge has stopped spinning, your blood components have now been separated. The concentrated platelets have been separated from your normal blood. The PRP that contains abundant growth factors and stem cells is now ready to be applied to the scalp. The goal of this process is to increase the effects of PRP therapy in hair loss.
  • Some doctors mix additives into the platelet-rich plasma. These additives, called thrombin and calcium chloride, artificially activate the platelets, stimulate clotting, and may enhance platelet-rich plasma’s regenerative properties.
  • The rich concentration of platelets now has to be applied to the scalp where hair loss has begun. PRP applied by microneedle. Since it uses less pressure, the pain is minimal.  Immediately, the highly concentrated PRP is injected in many different areas of the scalp.

**This Treatment is only useful on the existing hair; or the hair newly transplanted; it does not grow new hair in any way**

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